Why you should invest in SEO

Your website is an asset to your business but you will only reap the benefits if you invest in strategies that will drive relevant traffic to your page. A website is of no good use if you’re the only person aware of its existence. Effective SEO campaigns implement methods that allow search engines and your everyday consumer to easily engage with your website, which skyrockets your online presence.

SWOT Analysis

Our SEO process begins with an in-depth evaluation of the current state of your website. With unique software, we are able to analyze all the elements of your website’s structure – specifically, the elements that have an effect on your search engine ranking. Our specialists also measure how much traffic your site currently attracts, identify your competitors and take a look at where your website ranks in comparison to your competitors.


During our consultation, we aim to reach a deep understanding of your business. It’s important for us to also learn about your company’s business goals and identify your target audience. Based on our SWOT Analysis report and your business goals, we can develop a custom plan of action that will incorporate various SEO strategies.

Keyword Research

Without keywords or key phrases relevant to your industry, any SEO campaign will fail. Our team works closely with clients to explore topics or themes within your niche market. We consider a list of keywords or phrases that are frequently used by target audience members when they discuss those topics. Then based on research results, we determine which keywords have higher search queries and provide you with a prioritized list for your approval.

Implementing Effective SEO Strategies

Improving crawl-ability

Your search engine positioning is based on the relevance your website’s content has with a user’s query. However, the value of your website is essentially determined by search engine robots. These bots use an algorithmic process to establish which websites will be crawled, how frequently they will be crawled and the amount of pages within the site that will be crawled. The bots are not human, they don’t understand content like we do; so they factor in elements like – title tags, meta descriptions, Alt tags, keyword relevance and the architectural structure of your website. Our SEO team will incorporate terms on the approved keyword list to the backend of your website using technical codes that enhance the crawl-ability of your website.

Web Content & Link Building

In addition to crawling your site, search engines bots also crawl other websites with high relevancy that point back to your website. The bots see these links as a determining factor in how popular your website is. However, websites with high authority will only link to your site if you have rich content. We will develop powerful web content that exemplifies excellence and utilize our tools to seek high quality linking opportunities.

90-day Money Back Guarantee

In SEO, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Every client has different objectives. Through out the SEO process, we utilize various web analytical tools to monitor and evaluate the performance of your keywords, number of monthly visitors, rank position, conversions, sales metrics and more. We complete a full SWOT analysis every month and provide our clients with a dynamic report on the results.

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